Five Things Your Stylist Won’t Tell You (Until Now … ) »  Jul 10, 2014

This month’s blog is dedicated to straight talk between your Jillian Grace stylist and you — our wonderful guest. We love our clients, but sometimes they sabotage their own services without even realizing it. Are you short-changing yourself during your appointment? Read on to see — and to find out how to stop! (This is a public service announcement from your friendly Jillian Grace stylist.)

Perfect Bridal Party Hair »  Jun 10, 2014

The days of bridesmaids looking like uniform, cookie-cutter versions of each other are over!

Cruel, Cruel Summer »  May 12, 2014

Of course we adore the summertime. But we’re stylists, so we have a professional obligation to throw shade on the hot months and the beauty insults they bring. There are 3 main areas of havoc that summer wreaks on our appearance — we’ve listed them here, along with our tips on how to avoid and fix summer’s most cruel beauty punishments.

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