Perfect Bridal Party Hair

Perfect Bridal Party Hair

The days of bridesmaids looking like uniform, cookie-cutter versions of each other are over! Enhance your bridesmaids’ natural beauty and personalities by having your stylist create variations on a theme — buns, braids, curls, or twists. The result: a wedding party that looks coordinated, but not matchy-matchy, and bridesmaids who get to rock their own individual styles. 

Depending whether the bride wants to look like part of her team or stand out on her own, the wedding party’s hairstyles could coordinate with the bride’s own style.

Fun with Buns — They’re not just for ballerinas anymore. There’s nothing more sophisticated than a processional of bunheads, especially when each one is unique. Some of our favorite bun styles include a low half-bun, a fetching wavy bun, an asymmetrical twisted bun, a big messy bun, a simple sock bun, a cute side bun, a huge high bun, and a curly bun.

Pretty in Plaits — Braids are back in a big way … and they’re so easy to incorporate into different styles or wear on their own. Braided updos include a Dutch-braided basket style, a messy bun with braids, or a big ballet bun with lots of braids. For attendants who want to wear a half-up, half down style: we suggest bohemian braids,partial mermaid braids, braided crowns, and fabulous variations on the waterfall braid. Bridesmaids who want their hair fully braided will want to consider a loose side-braid, a cool fishtail, or a complete mermaid braid. 

A Concerto of Curls — If your attendants have even the slightest bit of texture to their hair, they can all achieve their own signature curly look for the day. Bonus: curls are always fun to twine around great hair ornaments, flowers and bling. Check out these curly styles: sausage curls, big loose waves, messy beach waves, half up-half down, a twirly updo, short and saucy, curls with bangs, severe-part fierceness, Coachella boho, and radiant retro (think Marilyn in the 21st century). 

Twists of Fate — Who says twists should be left to the French? There is a huge roster of twisted styles and chignons that can be adapted to suit most hair lengths and textures. Behold: a retro low roll, a casual twist (fun ornament is mandatory), a classic French twist, a side French twist, a high-crown French twist, a low chignon, the twisted pony, a half French twist, and a love knot.


Our Top Hair Tips For The Bridal Party

  1. Choose a style that makes you feel beautiful. The important thing here is that you look like you, and that you feel comfortable with your look.
  2. Ask the stylist questions, and provide info about yourself. The bride will have your stylist’s contact info – don’t be afraid to call or shoot them an email. Let them know your hair texture, style preferences, and the typical products you use. Also ask: does the stylist prefer that you have clean hair or day-old hair? Should you blow out your hair that morning, or will the stylist do it?
  3. Communicate with your stylist as they’re working. Don’t wait ‘til after your hair is in an elaborate updo to tell your stylist that a hairpin is painfully jabbing your scalp, or that you’d been hoping for more lift at the crown. It’s easier to correct little missteps during the process than after it.



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