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Five Things Your Stylist Won’t Tell You (Until Now … )

This month’s blog is dedicated to straight talk between your Jillian Grace stylist and you — our wonderful guest. We love our clients, but sometimes they sabotage their own services without even realizing it. Are you short-changing yourself during your appointment? Read on to see — and to find out how to stop! (This is a public service announcement from your friendly Jillian Grace stylist.)

Perfect Bridal Party Hair

The days of bridesmaids looking like uniform, cookie-cutter versions of each other are over!

Cruel, Cruel Summer

Of course we adore the summertime. But we’re stylists, so we have a professional obligation to throw shade on the hot months and the beauty insults they bring. There are 3 main areas of havoc that summer wreaks on our appearance — we’ve listed them here, along with our tips on how to avoid and fix summer’s most cruel beauty punishments.

Top Ten Tips To Make Your Hair Color Last

Read on for our tips on how to keep the shade you left the salon with.

Ten Fabulous Bridal Makeup Looks

Be inspired by these fresh, modern takes on bridal makeup...

Prom Night Don'ts

Okay, prom-goers! The big night will be here sooner than you think. Here’s our advice on how to get yourself prom perfect, and what common mistakes to avoid!