Five Things Your Stylist Won’t Tell You  (Until Now … )

Five Things Your Stylist Won’t Tell You (Until Now … )

This month’s blog is dedicated to straight talk between your Jillian Grace stylist and you — our wonderful guest. We love our clients, but sometimes they sabotage their own services without even realizing it. Are you short-changing yourself during your appointment? Read on to see — and to find out how to stop! (This is a public service announcement from your friendly Jillian Grace stylist.)

1.    Be On Time. The minute you walk into our chic aqua fabulousness, you are on a micro-vacation. Your job is now to seriously relax while we amp up your look. If you’re running late, you lose critical “me time,” and you need to recharge your batteries. More importantly: this is when you should be consulting with your stylist, telling us what you want today’s service to achieve. A great service usually requires a bit of advance planning, and you’re only cheating yourself if you arrive late.

 2.     Get Off The Phone. We are way more dependent on our phones than we like to admit. While you’re here in our aforementioned chic aqua fabulousness, do yourself a favor and unplug. It’s more therapeutic than you realize. But the main reason we stylists want you to ditch your devices is because people talking on the phone or playing games tend become bobbleheads. Have you ever tried to cut a bobblehead’s hair? It’s not cute. Put down the Candy Crush and read a magazine, or listen to music or meditate. Your head stays relatively still, and we can work our mojo without having to try and hit a moving target.  

 3.    Don’t Form An Opinion ‘Til We’re Done. Just let the haircut happen without your intervention. You know that old adage about laws and sausages — it’s best not to see them made? It’s the same with a haircut. Have a detailed consultation with your stylist (see above) and then let us do our thing! You may not understand our methods, but we know what we’re doing. Part of our career path includes regular, ongoing workshops and trainings in advanced hair design techniques, so we’re prepared to astound you with what we can accomplish on your head. But only if you trust us enough not to micromanage.

 4.    Talk About Your Hair So Much It’s Ridic. We want alllll the dirty details. How often do you shampoo? What products do you use? Does your hair get puffy or limp in humidity? What happens when it dries naturally? What chemical texturizers have you used? Give us as much intel as you can think of, so that we can deliver the kind of hair you never thought you could achieve. Our name is Jillian Grace Salon, and we’re totally obsessed with your hair.

 5. Your Haircut Is An Investment. Protect It. You wouldn’t put cheap rims on a Bentley. You wouldn’t throw an Alexander McQueen into the washer. So don’t shorten the life of your expert hair design by skimping on the products. For the price of a couple Starbucks coffees a week, you can upgrade to products that make an ongoing visible improvement in the quality of your hair (seriously, girl, buy a French press and get the good conditioner). We use and recommend Bumble and bumble products, because they improve your hair’s quality and texture, they smell fabulous, and they consistently do exactly what they’re supposed to. If that’s not love, what is?







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